Zaur Abdullaev wants to have a rematch with Devin Haney

Zaur Abdullaev wants to have a rematch with Devin Haney

Several months ago, after almost a year’s absence from the ring, Zaur Abdullaev met with Pavel Malikov and won a confident early victory. The young boxer from Russia has only one early defeat in the liability – last year he met with Devin Haney in the fight for the interim WBC champion title. To everyone’s surprise, that fight was completely one-sided. Having lost four rounds, Abdullaev decided not to continue the fight. Now, after Haney’s victory over Yuriorkis Gamboa, Abdullaev has promised that he will be able to achieve revenge.

“I’ll get to him again soon,” Zaur wrote under Eddie Hearn’s post, congratulating the American.

Other commentators were of a different opinion, skeptical about Zaur’s chances: “You must have been stoned?” “Boy, you literally looked like a bloody sack against Haney. You’re lucky if he even remembers your name. “

“You don’t know how the preparation for this fight went and what problems I faced. You don’t know what you had to endure in battle. If I had trained well with the new coach, I’m sure I would have won. In the third round, I suffered a fractured cheekbone. It was broken in four places. No one is immune from injuries, no one in the world, ”Abdullaev replied.

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