Xiaomi wanted to ditch the included charger 5 years before Apple


Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun commented in social networks decision about giving up charger in kit of the new flagship Xiaomi Mi 11.


Recall that the first from power adapter refused by Apple with the release of the iPhone 12. Then many competitors in including Xiaomi, made fun of her for this step. But already in Xiaomi Mi debuted at the end of December 11, which also lost its charge.

After that on Xiaomi has received a flurry of criticism for unsuccessful copying of Apple ideas. These accusations were commented on by Lei Jun, who stated that he was thinking about excluding adapter from configuration back in 2015 year. is he then I conducted a large survey among users to find out how they would react to such an innovation.

Indeed, such a survey was conducted. Perhaps the idea came before Xiaomi, but not Apple, но all the Chinese company decided to implement it in life is only now, after the release of the iPhone 12.

Recall Xiaomi, in Unlike Cupertinos, offers users two configuration options from charger or without it. AND the latter option was chosen by only 6% of buyers.

Source: Gizmochina

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