Xiaomi trolls OnePlus, and OnePlus trolls Apple

Xiaomi trolls OnePlus, and OnePlus trolls Apple

Smartphone manufacturers oh how they like to pin up a competitor by advertising their product on background of it «disadvantages»… After almost every presentation in the move is satire and sharp comments, but and in normal day nobody against ridicule «enemy»… It happened with Xiaomi и OnePlus.

IN what’s the matter

It all started with the post of the Indian division of OnePlus in Twitter. На it depicts the OnePlus 8T in surrounded by apples, and the caption reads: «Stand out in world of apples with OnePlus smartphone»… Of course same, this is a stone in Apple vegetable garden.

Apple itself does not reacted to this is a message, but to Xiaomi joined the dialogue. Her Indian office posted image of Mi under OnePlus post 10T Pro с signature: «But why settle for less if y there are more of you. New Year. Resolution 108 MP».

At the same time, Xiaomi has beaten the OnePlus slogan Never Settle using the SettleForBetter hashtag.

A source: Twitter

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