Xiaomi Mi 11 received the Multi Link 5.0 function: it allows you to seamlessly switch between Wi-Fi and mobile Internet


Yesterday we said that using the sub-screen scanner in Xiaomi Mi 11, you can measure the pulse, and today the network has information about another useful function of the new product.

What is it about

We are talking about support for Multi Link 5.0 technology. According to Director of Xiaomi Smartphone Software Department Zhang Guoquan, it allows the smartphone to seamlessly switch between Wi-Fi and mobile network. The device itself chooses a faster and better connection.

Multi Link 5.0 can be useful in online games or, for example, during video calls. The switching process happens instantly and, according to the company, users will not notice it. By the way, there is a similar function in devices from other manufacturers, including the iPhone, but it does not always work seamlessly.

As a reminder, Xiaomi has released a new 55W fast charger. Optionally, such a power supply will come with the flagship Mi 11.

Source: ITHome

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