Xiaomi Mi 11 has the same cost as iPhone 12. But in retail the Apple smartphone is $ 430 more expensive


On Xiaomi recently introduced its new flagship Mi 11. As it turned out, in competitors have written down a worthy opponent for him iPhone 12.

We calculate the cost

True, with The iPhone 12 is being compared by Xiaomi themselves. So, by a statement by Pan Jiutang, partner of the investment department of Xiaomi Industry Investment, the cost of Xiaomi Mi 11 is on iPhone level 12.

Previously, analysts believed that the cost of the iPhone 12 is about $ 373. But if Xiaomi Mi 11 in China (where is he so far only for sale) costs from $ 612 then iPhone 12 на this the same market in $ 430 more expensive.

True worth though wait until the cost price of Xiaomi Mi 11 will be calculated by experts, and not representatives of the company, who, by the way, believe that Xiaomi Mi 11 is more advanced than the older iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Source: ITHome

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