Xiaomi is preparing another smartphone with an additional screen on the back, like the Mi 11 Ultra

Chinese insider Digital Chat Station has shared some of Xiaomi’s plans on Weibo.

What told

According to the informant, this year the manufacturer is going to release not only a foldable smartphone, but also devices with multiple screens. The company is now planning at least two such gadgets.

Apparently, one of them is the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra. Its prototype appeared in the video last week. The smartphone has a main screen and an additional one near the camera. The panel has a small diagonal and a sweep frequency of 60 Hz. Most likely, such a display will display notifications as well as a camera interface. What second device did you talk about Digital Chat Station is still unknown.

By the way, this is not the first time such a solution has been found in smartphones. At one time, Meizu released Meizu PRO 7 with two screens. Its back panel displayed time, notifications and calls. Also, such a device is currently being prepared by ASUS.

Source: Weibo

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