Xiaomi and Samsung have trolled Apple after the presentation of the iPhone 12


Apple yesterday introduced new smartphones iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. За the presentation was observed and competitors who with fun trolled «apple» products.

Jokes Xiaomi and Samsung

Xiaomi published in social networks post with inscription: «Not worry we not removed nothing from boxes # Mi10TPro»… Next is a short video with demonstration of the power adapter in smartphone box.

Of course, this is a reference to iPhones that are no longer are equipped with headphones and power adapter. Now in box only the gadget itself and cable to him. By According to Apple, this way it takes care of ecology, but many users do not liked. By the way, even the old iPhones, which have been on sale for a long time, will be cut.

The main thing is that after this joke Xiaomi and not alone refused adapters. After all, this is already a tradition: first, competitors laugh at Apple’s innovations, and then introduce them yourself. For example, this was the case with «monobrow» and giving up 3,5 mm headphone jack.

AND here Samsung decided to stop at 5G by posting: «Some people now just say hello to speed, we we have been friends with her. Get your Galaxy 5G device now».

Indeed, many manufacturers have long begun to produce 5G devices, and Apple joined him just now. FROM on the other hand, in many countries (and in us in particular) networks of the fifth generation are not yet available.

A source: Xiaomi, Samsung

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