WSJ: Trump ordered to transfer Israel to Central Command’s area of ​​responsibility

President Donald Trump has ordered the expansion of the US military command’s area of ​​responsibility in the Middle East to include Israel, the Wall Street Journal reported.

It is about the reorganization of the American defense structure, which has long been advocated by pro-Israel groups.

Citing unnamed American officials, the newspaper writes that the decision means that US Central Command will pursue US military policy towards both Israel and the Arab countries.

It signifies a departure from the long-standing structure of the American military command, imposed due to hostility between Israel and some of the Pentagon’s Arab allies, the publication said.

Trump recently ordered the changes, but they have not yet been officially announced, the newspaper said.

The Wall Street Journal noted that Israel has been in the area of ​​responsibility of the US European Command for a long time.

This allowed American generals in the Middle East to interact with Arab countries without provoking associations with Israel, which at that time was considered an enemy in the Arab world, the newspaper writes.

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