WSJ: Support for Democrats among the military has grown

WSJ: Support for Democrats among the military has grown

President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in Georgia’s November election was driven in part by increased support for Democrats in nine districts closely linked to the military, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The newspaper noted that in general, these counties supported President Donald Trump. However, this year its lead is down 7.8 percentage points from 2016, more than the 5.3 percentage point shift towards Biden in the state as a whole.

In addition, while voter turnout in the state rose by less than 21 percent, this figure in the “military” districts rose by almost 26 percent, the publication notes.

The nine “military” districts of Georgia account for 5 percent of the votes cast in this state, the Wall Street Journal notes. In seven of these districts, a study of the difference in votes showed an increase in support for the Democratic nominee compared to 2016.

For example, in District of Columbia, home to more than half of the Fort Gordon Army base workers, Trump’s lead is down 11 percentage points from 2016.

In addition to the District of Columbia, the Democratic nominee’s scores increased 9 percentage points in Houston County, where Robins Air Force Base is located, and nearly 8 points in Brian County, where the Army’s Fort Stewart is located, the publication said.

The only “military” district where Trump has achieved significant success was Chattahoochee County near the Fort Benning military base, where his advantage grew by 2.2 percentage points, writes the Wall Street Journal.

Fort Gordon is also changing the racial makeup of the territory, said Seretta Smith, an army veteran who works for the Democratic Party in DC, said in the publication.

“The military is probably the most diverse organization you can work in. And that diversity is changing the community, ”Smith said, according to the newspaper.

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