WP: Biden intends to change his future guards

WP: Biden intends to change his future guards

The Secret Service is making some personnel changes in the presidential squad that will guard President-elect Joe Biden amid fears by Biden’s allies that some of the squad’s current members are political allies of President Donald Trump.

This was reported by the Washington Post newspaper.

Citing two unnamed people familiar with the reshuffle, the newspaper reported that the Secret Service plans to return to the White House several high-ranking agents that Biden knows well as they guarded him and his family more than four years ago when he was vice president.

The change comes at a special time, as Trump said his election defeat was the result of alleged voting and counting fraud and tried to prevent his administration from treating Biden as president-elect, the publication said.

Some Secret Service officials were also criticized during Trump’s presidency for apparently accepting his political agenda, the Washington Post noted.

Meanwhile, some of the senior agents who had been guarding Biden and his wife Jill Biden during the Barack Obama administration are preparing to rejoin the president’s advocacy group on January 20, the newspaper said.

Speech, in particular, is about Darryl Volpicelli, who will become the second person in the squad engaged in the protection of Biden, and Brian McDonough, who will become the senior chief of the squad, the Washington Post reported.

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