Words by Sergei Lipints and Castio Clayton after the fight

Words by Sergei Lipints and Castio Clayton after the fight

Welterweight Sergei Lipinets and Castio Clayton commented on their fight, in which they failed to determine the interim IBF world welterweight champion, ending in a draw.

Sergey Lipinets: “I thought I won this fight, but Clayton is a good fighter. He turned out to be stronger than I expected. I haven’t fought for a whole year, and it was noticeable. I need to get back to my rhythm, having a couple of fights, and only then meet with top fighters. “

Castio Clayton: “You can’t overturn the referee decision, but I thought I was more accurate and won. He was actively moving forward, but did not get a lot of punches. Perhaps I should have pressed a little more actively at the beginning, but I felt that he was strong. that it is necessary to remain patient and restrained. ”I could have thrown combos faster, but overall I think I had a smart fight and dragged him.

I showed the world that I am not just a guy from Canada. I have proven that I am a good fighter. People will respect me a little more. If Lipinets wants to have a rematch for the interim title, we can do it. “

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