Wireless magnetic charging has already been introduced for the new iPhone 12


Today, not While awaiting the official presentation from Apple, Japanese accessory maker MPOW has introduced wireless charging for the iPhone 12.

What it is

It is a flat, circular station that houses a ring magnet around the central charging coil. is he connects with a similar element inside the iPhone 12 and ensures the optimal positioning of the charging coils opposite each other and uninterrupted charging.

Thus, insider information about special charging module with magnets under the back cover of the smartphone.

TO network charging MPOW is connected via USB port Type-C.

Charging will go to production in this month and at the sale should go to December. AND here is her the cost is still unknown.

Recall that Apple has been working on the AirPower wireless charging station for several years, which will be able to simultaneously charge three gadgets (for example, a smartphone, a watch, and headphones). However, in production so far and not entered. Also the other day it was reported that the new MagSafe iPhone case will debut today and two official Apple wireless chargers called «MagSafe Charger» and «MagSafe Duo Charger».

Source: MacRumors

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