Why pay more? The camera of the iPhone 12 mini, although not the best, is almost at the level of the iPhone 11 Pro Max

IN last year, Apple introduced four models of the new iPhone 12 line at once, and one of them became the iPhone 12 mini smartphone. At least since the moment of the announcement and several months have passed, DxOMark specialists have just now tested its main camera and delivered their verdict.

Not in top ten

No wonder the iPhone 12 mini got this same assessment as iPhone 12, because cameras they are the same: by two sensors by 12 MP each. The specialists recorded in pluses accurate exposure, fast and accurate autofocus, effective video stabilization and Dolby Vision HDR processing.

But and there are a lot of cons. This is a limited dynamic range at photo, noise in low light and in indoors, and also artifacts like lens flare, color quantization and ringing in different conditions.

«For those looking for a truly pocket-sized smartphone with reliable camera, Apple iPhone 12 mini a good choice. is he provides many functions and quality as iPhone 12, но at a lower cost and less form factor», summed up in DxOMark.

IN result in iPhone 12 mini 122 points: 132 for photo, 41 for zoom and 112 for video. It’s 14 place in DxOMark ranking and just for 2 points less than iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Source: DxOMark

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