Why has Apple dropped 120Hz screens in the iPhone 12?


Tomorrow, October 13, Apple will present its new smartphones of the iPhone 12. On the eve of the official announcement, insider Jon Prosser decided to disclose new details about them.

5G instead of 120 Hz

There used to be numerous rumors about the fact that the new iPhones (by at least older versions) will receive screens with refresh rate 120 Hz. But then insiders denied this information.

By According to John, developers had to choose between 5G support and refresh rate of 120 Hz, as both of these technologies are energy intensive. If would their implemented both decreased would have battery life. AT eventually Apple chose fifth-generation networks.

A significant role in played this and marketing, because it’s easier to promote 5G communication than to explain the benefits to consumers 120-Hz displays. «5G is much easier to sell. Yes, the geeks liked it would be a refresh rate of 120 Hz, but average buyer up to it doesn’t matter. It is much easier to promote a device that faster thanks to 5Ghow to explain the advantage of the high refresh rate of the display», by John Prosser.

But he notes that technically Apple is already ready for application of screens with refresh rate 120 Hz, so they will definitely appear in following models.

A source: Jon Prosser

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