Where is the cheapest iPhone 12 and how long does it take to buy it


Perhaps the most discussed topic on this week there was a presentation of new smartphones of the iPhone 12 line. Analysts have collected information about prices in different countries and did an interesting research.

Where is it cheaper?

Statista found out where the cheapest and where are the most expensive devices. For the assessment, we took the official prices for iPhone 12 и iPhone 12 Pro equipped with 128GB memory. Prices have been converted to US dollars according to the exchange rate on October 14, 2020.

AT As a result, it is most profitable to buy gadgets in USA. AND highest price tags at India and France.

IPhone Index

AND Picodi.com analysts compared prices for iPhone 12 Pro (128 GB) with average salary in several dozen countries and calculated how much residents need to work in order to buy a brand new smartphone.

AND at India is again leading this ranking: locals need to work almost 55 days for iPhone 12 Pro. Exactly this the same indicator and at Mexico. Least of all you need to work in Switzerland: 4.4 days will be enough to pay for the purchase.

Information on average wage was taken from websites of national statistical offices or relevant ministries and is relevant to the moment of publication of prices for iPhone в specific country. After-tax salary calculated from using local salary calculators. The monthly salary was divided by 21 average number of working days in month. AT countries where statistical offices use weekly rates, income was divided by 5.

By the way, neither Ukraine at one list does not. All because u we are not yet official prices for new line. At the same time, sales of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro will launch on October 30th.

Source: Statista, Picodi.com

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