Where are the real successors to the Pocophone F1? Poco spokesperson explained why the company releases clones


After the release of the popular Pocophone F1, the Xiaomi sub-brand released a large number of smartphones, which on actually turned out not new products, and renamed clones of Redmi devices. Only the recently presented Poco X3 was a fresh sip. Now one of Poco’s executives explained why the brand chose a cloning strategy.


Anuj Sharma, India Director of Poco one of interview told that Poco a young company for which the creation of an original smartphone difficult, long and laborious business. AT then while creating clones is easier and cheaper.

is he also recalled that Poco not the only manufacturer that chooses this tactic. For example, the first OnePlus smartphone was a rebranded OPPO model, then it was the same from Realme.

AT Poco will continue to pursue this strategy in the future, but will release and original models. «Poco F1 was the smartphone that changed the market and consumers expect same from successor. Poco F2 Pro is not then device. we we are working on creating a worthy successor, but on its development will take time», Sharma stressed.

In addition, Poco promises to expand its range and release not only smartphones.

Source: IndiaExpress

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