When and which Vivo smartphones will receive the OriginOS shell


Vivo showed at the developer conference VDC 2020 is a schedule for updating smartphones to the OriginOS shell.

Who will receive it and when

So, the firmware will be released next year. More than 20 models of Vivo and iQOO smartphones will receive it.

On January 31, the company plans to launch beta testing of the system for Vivo Nex 3S, Vivo X50, Vivo X50 Pro, Vivo X50 Pro +, Vivo S7, iQOO 5, iQOO Pro, iQOO Neo3 and iQOO 3 users.

Closer to the Chinese New Year (February 12), the test firmware will also be available on smartphones Vivo Nex 3, Vivo Nex 3 5G, Vivo X30, iQOO Neo and iQOO Neo 855, and in the second quarter of 2021 they plan to update Vivo X27, Vivo X27 Pro. Vivo S5, Vivo S1, Vivo Z5, Vivo Z5x, Vivo S6, Vivo S1 Pro, Vivo Z6,, Vivo Nex, Vivo Nex S, iQOO Z1x and iQOO Z1.

As for the manufacturer’s new smartphones, they will naturally run on OriginOS out of the box.

Source: MyDrivers

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