What the mother gave birth to: Gwyneth Paltrow starred naked in honor of the 48th anniversary


The actress called it a photograph in a “holiday outfit.”

Yesterday Gwyneth Paltrow celebrated her 48th birthday and celebrated this day with a candid post on Instagram. The actress posted a photo in which she poses completely naked in the garden, covering her intimate places with her hands.

Today I’m in my holiday outfit. Thank you all for your wishes,

– she signed the frame. Not all fans of the actress appreciated her nude photo, but many left her compliments. “Wow, I didn’t know you from this side. I thought you were not one of “these”, “And you are in the same place”, “Why did you put it out?”, “If I had such a body, I would go for a week in a“ festive outfit ”,“ Photo – on the calendar! ” – responded to the “naked” picture of Paltrow subscribers.

Gwyneth’s husband Brad Falchak dedicated her birthday post.

This cool guy is 48 today. She knows how to make pizza out of nothing, is never late for cocktails, can look good without doing anything – which sometimes infuriates, and never misses the opportunity to put critics in their place. She makes her friends a family, and makes her family friends. Just trust me, she’s the best. Happy birthday pretty. I love you. PS If you want to give Gwyneth a gift – go to the polls! Encourage your friends to vote! Gwyneth really likes it when you vote,

– he wrote and accompanied the publication with a photograph of Paltrow, on which she lies relaxed on the couch.

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