What happens in a glass of soda in 105 days

What happens in a glass of soda in 105 days

How often have you promised yourself to stop drinking sugary soda? Most probably intended to do this even after the eerie stories about, what «Coca-Cola eats away at the walls of the stomach. ” However, if the children’s horror stories did not convince you, we know, which will definitely discourage you from drinking soda for at least a week!

We all know that if a tea or coffee mug is dirty for a couple of days, it will definitely develop a new life. What about soda?

The author of the YouTube channel Temponaut Timelapse filmed a time-lapse (accelerated video) of what happens to the soda, which has stood in a glass untouched for 105 days. Many people might think that the sweet liquid just dried up, leaving behind a terrible amount of sediment, but this is not the case. Something worse has happened …

For the first few days, only lemon gives out signs of “staleness”, which begins to shrink on the edge of the glass, but by the sixth day mold begins to appear on the glass walls! And then, everything goes like a horror movie scenario: green spots grow, feeding on the remains of soda. Ultimately, against the background of a green-black civilization, a lonely lemon starts to look even pleasant.

Of course, such a fate awaits almost all food and drinks left in the open air. And, perhaps, we should even be glad that the soda turned out to be “so natural” that it got moldy, but after that we don’t feel like drinking a glass of refreshing drink.

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