WBC head admires Eddie Reinoso’s coaching skills

WBC head admires Eddie Reinoso’s coaching skills

World Boxing Council (WBC) head Mauricio Suleiman was impressed by Ryan Garcia’s recent performance (21-0, 18 KOs), who managed to win an early win over Luke Campbell last weekend.

At the same time, Suleiman appreciated the coaching abilities of Eddie Reinoso even more, under whose leadership a huge number of outstanding boxers, such as Saul Alvarez, Andy Ruiz, Oscar Valdez, Luis Neri and many others, now train.

“There is one important detail that we have to cover – Eddie Reinoso. Eddie took Ryan under his wing and brought him to the level at which we see him now, and the way he mentored him in the corner, especially after the knockdown, – it was truly magical, “Suleiman said.

“Eddie Reinoso became the best coach of our time. Even despite such a difficult year, he was able to devote his mind, body and soul to his boxers and lead to the crown of three champions! then Ryan Garcia. I spoke to Eddie Reinoso at the end of this year when he was in training camp, away from his wife and daughters. Secluded with his students, he patiently waited for the evening of the fight. But this is a sacrifice that few people celebrate, and nobody appreciates. “

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