“Washington Post”: State Department canceled visa for Ukrainian assistant Giuliani


The US State Department last month revoked a US visa to Rudolph Giuliani’s Ukrainian aide Andrei Telizhenko, who helped President Trump’s personal lawyer gather incriminating information about the son of former US Vice President and now Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. This was reported by the Washington Post.

The publication notes that the cancellation of Andrei Telizhenko’s visa occurred in connection with the actions of the US authorities aimed at suppressing Russia’s attempts to influence the presidential elections in November.

Earlier, the US Treasury Department imposed sanctions against another Ukrainian who collaborated with Giuliani – MP Andriy Derkach. The US Treasury Department called Derkach “an active Russian agent.”

The Washington Post reports that Telizhenko was unable to board a Ukraine International Airlines flight from Kiev to New York on September 9, citing a person familiar with his travel plans and a Ukrainian government official.

The publication also quotes a representative of the US Embassy in Ukraine, who, commenting on the imposition of sanctions against Andrei Derkach, said that anyone who does business with a person falling under the sanctions may be subject to sanctions himself.

Ukrainian Ambassador to the United States Volodymyr Yelchenko praised the actions of the White House administration against Derkach and Telizhenko, the Washington Post writes. “They are simply destroying our efforts to maintain bipartisan support for Ukraine. They tried to destroy our relationship. When they come up with unsubstantiated stories to help one side on the eve of an election, it is worrying. I am glad that the United States saw them for who they are, ”the Ukrainian Ambassador to the United States said in an interview with the newspaper.

Telizhenko denies any involvement in Russian interference in the American elections or disinformation operations and denies any collaboration with Derkach. Derkach, in turn, denies information that he is an employee of the Russian special services.

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