Washington: activists picketed the residence of the Russian Ambassador

Washington: activists picketed the residence of the Russian Ambassador

A rally of solidarity with protesters in Russia took place on Sunday in Washington. Representatives of the Russian-speaking diaspora gathered at the residence of the Russian ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonov. They strongly condemned the actions of the Russian authorities to disperse the demonstrators, calling for the release of Alexei Navalny and other political prisoners.

The action took place despite the snowfall – a rare occurrence for the American capital. The activists, using a megaphone, turned to Antonov and other representatives of the Russian diplomatic mission in the United States.

“The fact that people in Russia came out despite repressions and intimidation is an indicator of how serious the situation in the country is,” Dmitry Valuev, one of the organizers of the rally, said in an interview with the Voice of America Russian Service.

He stressed that the Russian-speaking diaspora abroad demonstrates solidarity with activists who want changes in Russia. “We are with you – to the bitter end,” – said Valuev.

Representatives of the Belarusian protest movement also took part in the picket.

“I myself am an ethnic Belarusian. The situations are similar – in Russia and in Belarus, and it hurts my heart to look at what is happening there, ”a participant in the action named Vladimir told the Voice of America Russian Service.

Many of the protesters outside the embassy in 2011-2012 participated in rallies in Bolotnaya Square and subsequently left Russia, subjected to political repression for expressing their political position.

“I know from my own experience how it happens, how false protocols are drawn up, about which the judge knows that they are fake, but you still have to write out fines. Let people in Russia know that on the other side of the planet they are supported and worried about, ”said activist Gleb Latnik.

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