Was there a betrayal? Reality star responded to rumors of romance with fiancé Jennifer Lopez

The star is ready to prove her words with a lie detector.

30-year-old reality TV star Madison LeCroy, Madison LeCroy, has been accused of having close relationships with married Major League basketball players. According to rumors, among them was the beloved of Jennifer Lopez, 45-year-old Alex Rodriguez. However, the main character of the scandal denies the gossip.

It began with the fact that a colleague on the set told about LeCroy’s story about a certain basketball player with whom the artist communicates via FaceTime. His name was not specified. And then in one of the reality series Madison was accused of the fact that she, being in a relationship with Austen Krol, flew to Miami to meet with one of the famous basketball players. Some have suggested that it could be Jay Lo’s lover, who sometimes commented on Madison’s Instagram photo.

LeCroy did not agree with any of the accusations, but later admitted in an interview with Page Six that she did communicate with Rodriguez. But that, she said, was harmless phone calls. Personally, she allegedly never saw the athlete.

“It was a year ago, and now it has begun to be discussed. Test me on a lie detector. I have never flown to Miami. It’s a fake. I do not wish anything bad for either his family or mine. We are definitely innocent of what they say, ”LeCroy assured.

Was there a betrayal?  Reality star responded to rumors of romance with fiancé Jennifer Lopez

Her words were confirmed by the representative of Alex Rodriguez, stressing that the famous basketball player had never personally met with Madison. In addition, the reality TV star emphasized that she had a short affair with the former lover of actress Christine Cavallari, footballer Jay Cutler, and even posted joint photos and correspondence. But this move did not distract from the new gossip around her and Rodriguez.

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