Vladimir Khryunov commented on the replacement of Gassiev’s opponent: “It seems that Seferi was scared.”


As it is already known, the former heavyweight champion Murat Gassiev has changed rivals again, and now, instead of the Albanian boxer Sefer Seferi, his brother Nuri Seferi will fight the Russian.

Representatives of Gassiev were informed that a coronavirus outbreak had occurred in Sefer’s team, however, according to promoter Vladimir Khryunov, the Albanian heavyweight was simply scared and decided to shift his terrible burden onto the shoulders of his older brother.

“We have an insight: Seferi has never had fights with boxers of the type like Murat Gassiev,” Khryunov said in an interview with REN TV. – “The fact that he was always afraid of missing punches to the body. He hasn’t had success for the last two sparring sessions. There was some formal reason, but then his brother Nuri Seferi suddenly appeared, who said: “I can handle Murat Gassiev.” Please come here. We sent the contract immediately, it has already been signed. I think Seferi was just scared. “

Let us remind you that Gassiev and Seferi will play a duel on October 31 in Sochi at the WOW Arena concert and entertainment venue. For the Russian, this fight will be the debut in the heavyweight division.

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