Vladimir Khryunov believes that Povetkin’s winning combination in the battle against White is the fruit of his work with Teddy Atlas


The well-known Russian promoter Vladimir Khryunov does not believe that Alexander Povetkin was rescued by the lucky punch in his first fight with British heavyweight champion Dillian White.

According to the sports functionary, the combination that put an end to the confrontation with White appeared in Povetkin’s arsenal thanks to his work with the legendary coach Teddy Atlas.

“No, this is Alexander’s long-term combination,” said Khryunov. – “And White himself asked for this blow. I do not agree that it was an accidental blow. Of course, these fighters are in different conditions, in terms of age. After the fight, I corresponded with Teddy Atlas (Povetkin’s former coach – Ed. ), and we agreed on the opinion that this combination is the fruit of Povetkin’s work with this specialist. “

Khryunov also shared his expectations about the rematch of Povetkin and White, which was postponed to the end of January, since the Russian boxer contracted the coronavirus.

“I think that White’s promoter has a time pressure to urgently take the position of a contender for the championship fight. But there is, again, Professor Moriarty’s mistake – they did not contact that Sherlock Holmes. I mean Alexander Povetkin. It is a big mistake for their business to expect, that they will have an easy fight with Alexander. I think that the rematch will be similar to the first fight. Most likely, it will even end faster in favor of Alexander, “added Khryunov.

We will remind, earlier Khryunov told why Povetkin could not defeat Vladimir Klitschko.

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