Vladimir Gendlin – about the duel between Gassiev and Seferi: “There was no fight, what can you talk about there?”


Prominent Russian commentator Vladimir Gendlin believes that the fight against Nuri Seferi did not benefit the former world heavyweight champion Murat Gassiev and did not say anything about his prospects in the heavyweight division.

“Regarding Gassiev’s fight, I can only say one thing: there is nothing to talk about. It’s very difficult for me to even say what it was. I don’t understand. There was no fight, what could we talk about there?

I am simply saying that the true value of a good fighter can only be found in a clash with a serious opponent. One thing to keep in mind. This, by the way, was with Volodya Klitschko. Fighters grow not from training in the gym, but from fights with strong opponents. There are cases when even a boxer who loses to a strong opponent still adds in his skill, “Vladimir Gendlin said in an interview with the USACHEV TV YouTube channel.

We will remind, Gendlin also spoke about the chances of Alexander Usik in the battles with the leaders of the heavyweight division.

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