Vivo, Xiaomi and OPPO smartphones will receive Exynos processors


Samsung has been repeatedly criticized for proprietary Exynos processors, but in result in near future more smartphones with them.

What does it mean

According to information from South Korea, in next year, System LSI (Samsung’s semiconductor development) plans to supply Exynos processors to Chinese companies Vivo, Xiaomi and OPPO. At first their will be used in budget smartphones, and if everything goes well then and in devices of medium and high level.

System LSI reportedly reduced shipments of Exynos processors to Samsung’s smartphone division due to a lower rate of return.

By the way, the company has already delivered Exynos 880 and Exynos 980 for Vivo. AND Exynos 1080 chip, which will be presented on November 12, according to rumored to be the first to receive the Vivo X60 smartphone. The new product is expected to be faster than the Snapdragon 865+ as it uses the new ARM processor cores and more advanced production process.

Source: SamMobile

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