Vivo IFEA: an interesting concept smartphone with a removable camera


Smartphone manufacturers continue to experiment with design and form factor devices to offer users something unusual and unique. On this time the Chinese company Vivo presented IFEA smartphone prototype with removable camera.

What it is

The camera is a separate module that attaches to gadget with using a magnetic connection. AT in an inactive state, it hides inside the case, when activated leaves. Her can be detached and use separately. Management is based on wirelessly via a smartphone, and autonomy of work is provided by the built-in battery

So the module can be used like action camera… Moreover, it supports voice control. You can also connect a stabilizer and other accessories.

Afraid to forget this baby Where? Not will work, because when the smartphone moves away from cameras on a certain distance the owner is notified.

While Vivo does not talking about plans to release IFEA on commercial market but the idea is really interesting. The manufacturer has already received the Red Dot Design Award for special achievements in area of ​​design.

Source: Gizmochina

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