Video: Prince William and Kate Middleton present Pride of Britain Awards


The Dukes of Cambridge celebrated the work of the National Health Service staff.

Recently, the Pride of Britain Awards ceremony took place – an event that the Daily Mail organizes annually to celebrate prominent British citizens. Celebrities participate in the ceremony, this year they were joined by Prince William and Kate Middleton. Due to the pandemic, the 2020 Pride of Britain Awards took place online, so the royal couple recorded a video for the ceremony. In it, Kate and William noted the merits of the doctors, who were responsible for the fight against the coronavirus.

“On behalf of our nation, Catherine and I are grateful to present this special award to an army of dedicated NHS staff [Национальной службы здравоохранения Великобритании]… The devastating impact of the coronavirus pandemic has reminded us as a nation how much we owe the thousands of NHS workers who have gone way beyond the call of duty this year. They worked tirelessly around the clock, with humility and compassion, in the most difficult circumstances, endangering their own lives to help others. Today we are gathered here in Britain’s oldest hospital to thank the NHS staff and honor them with the Pride of Britain Award, ”said William.

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And Keith added: “After talking with those who worked on the front lines, we were very inspired by their courage and dedication. Many of them parted with their families for long weeks, some went to work in retirement, and some took on new responsibilities. And it’s not just the medical staff – all NHS staff played a crucial role during this time. Their hard work is still going on, and we are indebted to them for everything they do. ”

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