Video: Jesse J has confirmed she has parted ways with Channing Tatum again


Jesse called herself lonely and teased fans with a hot twerk.

Jesse J and Channing Tatum started dating two years ago. During the relationship, they parted and reconciled so many times that the fans lost count. In April of this year, news broke that the couple had run up again, but after that Jesse gave reason to think that she and Channing got back together again. She sweetly congratulated Tatum on her 40th birthday:

Wish a happy 40th birthday to this special person. You are really the only one. I am so grateful that you are in this world. And I’m even more grateful for meeting you.

Video: Jesse J has confirmed she has parted ways with Channing Tatum again

And just recently, Jay confirmed her breakup with the actor, stating that she was single. The singer posted on Instagram a video in which she dances twerk, and in the microblog noted that “this is how the life of a lonely person looks like during a pandemic.” “Is Jesse J lonely? I don’t believe! ”,“ You deserve to be treated like a queen ”,“ Devil! ” – Jay’s fans are commenting on the new video.

Channing and Jesse previously parted ways at the end of December. The reason was Tatum’s “terrible employment” and his numerous travels: he worked hard and devoted his free time to his six-year-old daughter, who was born in a marriage to Jenna Duan. A few weeks after the breakup, according to an insider, Tatum and Jay realized that “they cannot live without each other.” But after another reconciliation, the couple faced old problems and again decided to part ways.

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