Vasily Lomachenko commented on the defeat by Teofimo Lopez


Former United World Lightweight Champion Vasily Lomachenko spoke out about his defeat to Teofimo Lopez in the fight for the title of undisputed world champion. As the Ukrainian boxer admitted, it was hard for him to get close to his opponent due to the significant difference in size. At the same time, Lomachenko stressed that he is ready to hold a revenge if Lopez decides that they need to dot the i’s.

“It’s difficult now to comment on something right after the fight. I would like to first review the fight, and then say some words. It’s difficult, of course, to get close: the size, arm span play, of course, a huge role.

It all depends on Lopez. If he gives me revenge, then, of course, I’m ready. Of course I want this.

I would like to apologize to everyone for not living up to expectations. Apologize to the team and say thank you very much. We will go further, “Vasily Lomachenko said in a video posted on the YouTube channel of the Top Rank promotion company.


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