Utah Animal Ramp Recognized as Successful

Utah Animal Ramp Recognized as Successful

Utah is celebrating the success of a unique highway bridge built in 2018 for animals.

“It works! – Utah Wildlife Resource Authority posted on Facebook. “As you can see, this flyover has been successfully used for the second year, helping wildlife safely cross the busy interstate and increasing the safety of motorists.”

The six-lane highway runs through Parley Canyon about 10 miles southeast of Salt Lake City, and high-speed traffic poses a serious threat to many of the canyon’s animals.

According to the Utah Department of Transportation, there were 106 animal collisions in the two years before the flyover was built. Data for the last two years is not yet available. Construction cost $ 5 million

The animals seem to have understood the purpose of the structure: now on the flyover you can often see bears, elks, deer, lynxes and other animals.

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