Usyk’s promoter: “Lopez’s body punches looked impressive. They seem to have shaken Lomachenko.”


Oleksandr Usik’s promoter Oleksandr Krasyuk shared his opinion about the defeat of Vasily Lomachenko from Teofimo Lopez in the fight for the title of absolute world lightweight champion.

“Lopez showed a very pragmatic boxing. He didn’t do anything that he didn’t need to do. Lopez acted in such a way that it was enough to win. He did not risk as much as someone else would probably risk in his place.

Lopez’s hand speed was quite impressive. Before the fight, everyone knew very well that he had a larger arm span than Lomachenko. Perhaps the big problem for Loma was to get closer to him, because 10 centimeters matters in this weight.

Lopez seemed larger and heavier. His body punches were impressive. It seems that they shocked Vasily. But Lomachenko also performed well, despite a shoulder injury. However, he started slowly. I don’t think Lomachenko didn’t start earlier because he had a plan to lose the first six rounds. Of course, it was Teofimo who prevented him from starting earlier. But it turned out the way it turned out. Lomachenko lost, and now we see that the young guy has an advantage over the older fighter, “Alexander Krasyuk said in an interview with Boxing Social.

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