US space forces got a horse instead of starships


The newly created US Space Force, which is designed to use the most advanced technology, received its first vehicle. However, the military did not receive a prototype of the starship, as might be expected, but a living horse named Ghost. This makes a lot of sense – military astronauts are not yet expected to fly, and horses pass well where SUVs and ATVs get stuck.

From open information it is known that the US Space Forces will get acquainted directly with space only in the foreseeable future. In the meantime, they are busy settling in at Vandenberg Air Force Base, the fifth largest mainland base in the United States. The territory of the base is huge, and the terrain is extremely difficult – it is best to move in such an area on horseback.

The Ghost belongs to a purely American breed, the so-called Quarterhorse. The name comes from the phrase “quarter mile” – this is the distance bred as a result of special selection horses must run at maximum speed. The ghost is being trained as part of a horse recruiting program that includes projects to capture and train wild mustangs. So in addition to the functions of a patrolman, the first American “space horse” can also help with the selection and education of four-legged recruits.

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