US Space Force personnel will henceforth be called “Guardians”

Speaking at the celebration of the first anniversary of the creation of the US Space Force (USSF), Vice President Mike Pence said that from now on, all who serve in them will be referred to as “guardians” (“guardians”). From a short message on the USSF website, it follows that the name “guards” clearly echoes the former slogan of the Air Force Space Command since 1983 – “Guardians of the sky border”.

Under the National Defense Authorization Act, USSFs are part of the US Air Force, with the authority to make independent decisions independently of them.

The choice of such a name does not allow many famous cultural references to be ignored. Suffice it to recall the Disney series “Guardians of the Galaxy” or the computer game Destiny 2, where the player gets the role of the Guardian, the defender of the last city on Earth from alien invaders. But that’s not all. If you look closely at the Starfleet emblems from the TV series Star Trek and the USSF, you can find a lot in common between them.

United States Space Force

However, despite the abundance of space symbols in the emblem, the USSF will be much more mundane. Created on the initiative of the outgoing President Donald Trump, USSF will certainly remain and will be in demand under Joe Biden, which is associated with the resumption of the lunar program and the strengthening of the role of space in confronting the main competitors of the United States – China and Russia.

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