US President Leaves Hospital Today and Returns to White House


The state of health of US President Donald Trump “meets all the requirements or better than these requirements in order for him to be discharged” October 5 from Walter Reed National Military Hospital in Maryland. This was announced by the doctors who treated Trump for COVID-19 after the coronavirus was found in the American leader last week.

Earlier, Donald Trump himself said on Twitter that he will be discharged from the hospital today at 6:30 pm US East Coast time. In a tweet, Trump said he was feeling great: “I feel great! Don’t be afraid of covid. Don’t let him rule your life. During the Trump administration, we have developed really excellent medicines and knowledge. I feel better than 20 years ago “

Sean Conley, the President’s attending physician, said at a briefing that Trump “has not fully recovered yet, but is able to go home.” According to him, the president did not force doctors to support him in his desire to leave the hospital.

The doctors also said that Trump will still receive the antiviral drug remdesivir, but he has not had a fever for more than 72 hours and the oxygen level in his blood is normal.

Sean Conley said he and his colleagues are “cautiously optimistic” about the pace of Donald Trump’s recovery. He did not answer the question of journalists from when the US president could be considered infected with the coronavirus.

At the White House, Donald Trump will be “surrounded by world-class medical care around the clock,” according to the President’s personal physician.

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