US perfume company has developed a cologne with the scent of space


As CNN reported, Omega Ingredients CEO Steve Pearce is working on Eau de Space with the scent of space. This unusual project can be viewed on Kickstarter, where about 4,700 interested subscribers have already raised $ 194,000.

As a result of Peirce’s experiments, a product turned out to be extremely far from the usual perfume. Moreover, most of all it looks like a “bouquet” of smells of sweat, nail polish remover and gasoline. It is known that in 2008 Pierce even negotiated with NASA to recreate space odors in order to adapt future astronauts to them.

According to former NASA astronaut Tony Antonelli, “The smell of space was strong and unique. I have not felt anything like him on Earth. Rarely does a day go by now that I do not remember this smell. ”

Other astronauts have experienced something similar. In particular, the first female commander of the ISS, Peggy Whitson, reported that she felt “the smell of space was bitter with a smack and burning taste”, and her colleague Thomas Jones found that space had a “sulfur smell”.

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