US greenhouse gas emissions plunge amid pandemic

US greenhouse gas emissions plunge amid pandemic

U.S. natural gas emissions are down 10.3 percent in 2020 amid contraction in economic activity amid the coronavirus pandemic.

This is stated in a report released on Tuesday by the research organization Rhodium Group, which noted that this is the most significant reduction in annual emissions since the Second World War.

“The sectors of the economy affected the most, including transportation, electricity and industry, are simultaneously the main sources of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States,” the report said.

In the transport industry, emissions fell by 14.7 percent compared to 2019, while in the electric power industry, this indicator decreased by 10.3 percent on average across the country, the authors of the report note.

The changes are associated with a decline in economic activity in America as a whole, including with measures to combat the spread of COVID-19, such as restrictions on leaving home and traveling.

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