US elections: Trump talks about recovery, Biden promises to take the virus “under control”

US President Donald Trump said he will step up efforts to bolster the economy in states recovering from the coronavirus pandemic, while his Democrat opponent, Joe Biden, has pledged to bring the virus “under control.”

Speaking in Lansing, Michigan, the president addressed women from the suburbs, whose votes are considered important for his re-election.

“I love women and I can’t help it, they are the most wonderful,” Trump said. “I love them more than men.”

“Your husbands, they want to get back to work,” Trump continued, focusing on the economic concerns of the coronavirus era. “We are bringing your husbands back to work, and everyone wants it.”

The Detroit News reported in August that more than half of the 1.2 million jobs lost to the pandemic were subsequently recovered.

Trump’s headquarters are betting that a barrage of law and order messages will boost the president’s popularity among women across Michigan.

Trump also lashed out at Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer for maintaining quarantine restrictions in the state for too long, according to the president and other Republicans.

Michigan is considered to be one of the hesitant states that matters to both candidates. In 2016, Trump won here by a narrow margin.

Speaking at Warm Springs, Georgia, Biden pledged to take aggressive action to tackle the pandemic, and also touched on the topics of income inequality, climate change and racial inequality.

“I’m here to tell you that we can and will take the virus under control,” Biden said, criticizing Trump’s behavior and rhetoric about the virus. “As president, I will never raise the white flag of surrender.”

“From the first day of my presidency, we will take steps to bring COVID under control,” the former vice president promised. “We will take action to adopt my economic plan that will finally reward work, not wealth, in this country. We will take steps to put in place my health plan to make health care affordable and affordable for every American. ”

However, First Lady Melania Trump, who made her first appearance at a campaign rally in Utglen, Pennsylvania on Tuesday, immediately challenged Biden’s claims.

“Now he makes it clear that he could have done better,” she said. “Well, Americans can look at Joe Biden’s 36 years in Congress and eight years as vice president and decide if they think he can finally do something for the American people.”

Melania Trump also lashed out at Democrats for impeachment against President Trump, saying that “the manifestation of their hatred is visible to this day.”

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