US DOI warns of “increased threat environment” in country

US DOI warns of “increased threat environment” in country

The US security services warn that popular discontent over the outcome of the presidential election could provoke new acts of violence in different states.

The Department of Homeland Security on Wednesday released a National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS) bulletin warning that the “heightened threat” situation in the country is likely to last until at least the end of April.

“Violent riots have continued in recent days,” the ministry said in a press release, “and we continue to be concerned that individuals who are dissatisfied with the activities of state bodies and the change of presidential power, as well as irritated by other ideological reasons, may continue to mobilize their forces. “

The press release goes on to indicate that aggressive domestic terrorists “may be inspired by the January 6 invasion of the Washington Capitol building and target officials and government agencies for their actions.”

The authors of the statement say that the decision to publish the data was made after consultations with the country’s intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

It is also reported that on January 11, authorities arrested two people in Washington state during an attempt by protesters to disrupt a meeting of the state legislature. A couple of days earlier, another group of disaffected people broke into the territory of the state governor’s residence, and they were stopped only at the door of the governor’s house.

Earlier this week, the U.S. Army announced that it intends to maintain a contingent of up to 7,000 National Guard troops in the metropolitan area of ​​Columbia until at least mid-March, due to heightened alertness during important government events such as President Joe Biden’s address to To Congress, Donald Trump’s impeachment proceedings, and the annual March for Life.

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