US deaths from COVID-19 surpassed the number of Americans killed in WWII

On Wednesday, January 20, the number of US residents who became victims of the COVID-19 pandemic surpassed the number of Americans killed in hostilities during World War II. This was reported at the COVID-19 Research Center at Johns Hopkins University. As of Wednesday evening, 405,400 Americans have died from complications from the coronavirus, according to the university.

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, the total number of combat and non-combat losses among Americans in World War II was 405,399.

This figure is a sad reminder of the blow the coronavirus pandemic has inflicted on the United States.

“We need all our strength to endure this dark winter. We are entering the most difficult and deadly period for the spread of the virus, ”said President Joe Biden in his inaugural address.

The United States accounts for 4 percent of the world’s population, but the United States has recorded 20 percent of COVID-19 deaths globally.

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