US Coronavirus Death Toll Exceeds Quarter Million

US Coronavirus Death Toll Exceeds Quarter Million

Against the backdrop of a new wave of coronavirus incidence, the number of deaths from COVID-19 in the United States increased by another 50 thousand over the past 60 days and exceeded 250 thousand on Wednesday.

The quarter-million-death milestone, confirmed by Johns Hopkins University, exceeds the death toll of Americans in any military conflict since the Korean War.

The rate, once considered unthinkable, came after a series of alarming records across the country as the number of new cases and severe forms of the disease continues to skyrocket.

The number of hospitalizations of patients with coronavirus on Tuesday reached 76 thousand, which is the highest figure since the beginning of the pandemic. In addition, about 160,000 more Americans tested positive for coronavirus on Tuesday, and at least 1,707 more died – the highest daily rate since May 14.

“We are at war and the virus is winning,” Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan said.

The last time the daily mortality rate exceeded a thousand people at the end of August, at the end of the second surge in infections in the country. In April-May, when the pandemic first swept the northeastern United States, daily deaths exceeded 2,000 when the virus spread in nursing homes and populous areas of New York and New Jersey.

Over the past six weeks, the number of new confirmed cases of the disease has grown from 40 thousand to 150 thousand per day. Daily mortality also rose steadily over the same period.

However, it should be noted that while the number of deaths is still on the rise, this increase is no longer as sharp as during the previous spikes. Epidemiologists and health experts attribute the decline in mortality to several factors, including early diagnosis due to expanded testing and more effective treatments.

However, daily mortality rates are breaking records in some states, and high hospital admissions continue to place a significant strain on local hospitals and their staff.

So, Wisconsin this week broke the record for the number of deaths (more than 100 per day), set only a week ago. New Mexico, Arkansas, Kentucky, and Iowa also reported record daily deaths this week.

Arkansas Governor Ace Hutchinson has warned that 1,000 more residents of the state will die from COVID-19 before Christmas if current death rates continue.

Kentucky Governor Andy Besheer urged people to take action.

“The house is on fire,” he said. – We need everyone to do everything possible to overcome the crisis ”

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