US calls on Russia for transparency in CAR

US calls on Russia for transparency in CAR

The US has called for transparency and an end to the violence after Russia said it had sent 300 military instructors to the Central African Republic ahead of the country’s elections.

“Our position has always been that countries that provide assistance – military or otherwise – should do so in a transparent and coordinated manner, and this assistance should support the aspirations of the CAR people for effective governance and stability,” the State Department official said in response to AFP question about the role of Russia.

The State Department said it “regrets” the escalating violence ahead of the elections, including the brief rebel takeover of the fourth largest city in the country, Bambari.

“We call on all parties to end hostilities and give the people of the Central African Republic the opportunity to exercise their right to participate in the peaceful elections on December 27,” said a spokesman for the State Department.

Russia said on Tuesday that it is sending military instructors to the CAR at the request of the government following an alleged coup attempt.

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