US authorities allow Sony and Omnivision mobile processors and image sensors to be supplied to Huawei


It looks like u Huawei holiday: US authorities loosened their grip and abolished some prohibitions regarding cooperation with by a Chinese company.

What does it mean

Sources claim that the US government has allowed chip makers to supply Huawei with mobile processors. But there is one «but»: they should be deprived of 5G support.

This is good news for Huawei as US sanctions leave it not only without Qualcomm chips and MediaTek, но also without branded processors, since their produced by TSMC, which uses in work American technology.

In addition, the media reports that the two leading suppliers of image sensors for smartphone cameras, Sony and OmniVision, licensed to cooperation with Huawei.

«we learned that some display vendors and image sensors obtained licenses from the U.S. government as these components are considered less related to cybersecurity issues, and Sony enters number of those who received approval», the source told Nikkei Asia from industry for production of chips.

By the way, earlier approval for cooperation received and Samsung Display the largest supplier of displays for Huawei smartphones.

«we believe this is a strong sign that the US intends to allow Huawei to stay in business on the production of smartphones, since it not poses threats to the national security of the country», reports Edison Edison Lee, Jefferies analyst.

Source: Financial Times, Nikkei Asia

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