US Ambassador to UN Candidate Calls for Counter China’s Authoritarian Agenda

US Ambassador to UN Candidate Calls for Counter China’s Authoritarian Agenda

Diplomat Linda Thomas-Greenfield, nominated by President Joe Biden for the post of US ambassador to the UN, is speaking at a confirmation hearing on Wednesday at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

As previously reported, she intends to emphasize the importance of intensifying engagement with the organization in order to counter China’s efforts to advance an “authoritarian agenda.”

Thomas-Greenfield has 35 years of Foreign Service experience and has worked on four continents, including Africa.

“We know that China is leading efforts across all UN structures, promoting an authoritarian agenda that runs counter to the institution’s fundamental values ​​and American values,” her statement reads. “Their success depends on whether we continue to stay away. This will not happen with me. ”

Beijing is seeking to increase its influence through multilateral platforms as opposed to the traditional US leadership. Tensions between the two powers at the UN have reached a boiling point over the coronavirus pandemic.

Biden, on the very first day after taking office, canceled the decision to leave WHO and announced a return to the climate agreement.

“When America is actively involved, consistent and persistent, and influencing in accordance with its values, the UN can be an indispensable institution for promoting peace, security and our collective well-being,” Thomas-Greenfield said in a statement. “If instead we leave the table and allow others to fill the vacuum, the entire world community will suffer, including American interests.”

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