US accused Russia of testing anti-satellite weapons


One of the Pentagon units said that Russia had tested a direct launch anti-satellite missile into orbit.

US Space Command officials noted that this is the third test of Russian anti-satellite weapons this year.

According to them, we are talking about a direct launch anti-satellite rocket into orbit, capable of destroying small satellites in low Earth orbit.

The date and time of the test were not reported.

When a satellite is hit by such a missile, the resulting debris can pose a threat to other satellites and “irrevocably pollute outer space,” the command said in a statement.

“Russia has turned space into a warfare sphere by testing space-based and ground-based weapons designed to destroy and destroy satellites,” said US Space Command General James Dickinson.

“This fact is inconsistent with Moscow’s public statements that Russia is striving to prevent conflict in space. Russia’s ongoing testing of these systems shows that threats to the space systems of the United States and its allies are rapidly evolving, ”Dickinson added.

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