Two people infected with coronavirus identified in the election environment of Biden and Harris


The campaign headquarters of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said Thursday that two people associated with his campaign had been diagnosed with the coronavirus the day before. We are talking about one of the flight crew members, as well as Liz Allen, the director of public relations for Senator Kamala Harris, who is running in tandem with Joe Biden.

According to the headquarters, Senator Harris was not in close contact with any of the sick, and she does not need to be quarantined, but as a precaution, it was decided to cancel all her planned trips until next Saturday. The US vice presidential candidate will continue to actively participate in the virtual campaign and will resume full-time campaign events from Monday.

Since receiving a positive result, none of the cases have contacted either Biden, Harris, or other members of the Democratic campaign headquarters. In accordance with the protocol, the patients were tested upon returning to work after attending personal events. Prior to that, they flew in the same plane with Kamala Harris on October 8, but all three were wearing N95 protective masks and were not closer than two meters from each other for more than 15 minutes, which would be classified as close contact. Before and after the flight, the analyzes of two patients were negative.

Harris has twice passed PCR tests since October 8, which gave a negative result. The last analysis was done on Wednesday 14th October. The rest of the employees on the same flight are also regularly tested.

“From the outset of the pandemic, Biden and Harris’s campaign team has taken every precaution to limit the spread of COVID-19. Today’s extremely cautious steps are a manifestation of this responsible behavior, ”the headquarters stressed.

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