Trump tries to expand his support in Arizona


WASHINGTON – US President Donald Trump has attempted to expand his support in Arizona, stating, “If we win in this state, we win as a whole.”

Arizona has 11 electoral votes out of 270 required for a candidate to win the presidential election. In 2016, Trump won the state by a 4 percentage point gap.

“We’re number one in Arizona,” Trump said at a political rally in Prescott two weeks before the election.

Averages from major polls released this month show Democratic candidate Joe Biden leads Arizona by about 3 percentage points, which is well within the margin of error for most polls.

This means that political observers consider the race in this state to be practically a draw.

At the Prescott rally, Trump condemned the media for its constant attention to the coronavirus, saying that Americans are tired of the news coverage of the pandemic and that this is an attempt to suppress the vote.

“People won’t buy it, CNN, you stupid freaks,” the president said.

Arizona has not elected a Democrat for president in 24 years. Republicans continue to dominate registered voters.

It is unlikely that Trump will achieve re-election without winning in Arizona, said Ruth Jones, professor emeritus at the School of Political and Global Studies at Arizona State University.

“If this wave goes against him in Arizona, it is likely that this trend against him will manifest itself in one or two other undecided or necessary states to win,” Jones told Voice of America.

The headquarters of Democratic candidate Joe Biden issued a statement criticizing Trump’s visit to Arizona.

“President Trump is spending the last days of his campaign trying to sow discord and distract the American people from their failure to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. He wants to sell Arizona families even more of the same reckless leadership that has destroyed the state’s economy, shutting down thousands of small businesses and threatening protections for 2.8 million Arizona people with previously diagnosed illnesses, ”Biden said in a statement.


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