Trump to visit Mexico border to mark completion of wall

Trump to visit Mexico border to mark completion of wall

US President Donald Trump will visit a stretch of the border with Mexico on Tuesday to draw attention to the wall construction work done by his administration, the White House said on Saturday.

Trump will arrive in Alamo, Texas. He will mark the completion of the 640-kilometer wall and his administration’s efforts to reform the immigration system, which the White House described as malfunctioning.

During the 2016 election campaign, Trump focused heavily on the intention to build the wall. He also promised that Mexico would pay for it, but the construction was paid for by American taxpayers.

Although most of the wall consists of low barriers, in a short time, mainly in the last year, hundreds of kilometers of the fence, reaching 9 meters in height, were built at the initiative of the state.

The administration gave priority to areas where the wall could be built quickly.

The visit will likely mark the president’s first public appearance after addressing his supporters, who then went to seize the Capitol. In the final days of his presidency, Trump has sought to highlight the achievements of his administration.

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