Trump reiterates that he won the election

Trump reiterates that he won the election

President Donald Trump has reiterated that he won the November 3 election.

“It was an election that we won with ease. We won by a wide margin, ”Trump told a group of people gathered at a hotel in Gettysburg.

Joe Biden won Pennsylvania by an estimated 80,000 votes, and the state certified his victory on Tuesday, according to state officials.

Wednesday’s event was hastily hosted by Republican state legislators, including Pennsylvania Senator Doug Mastriano, an outspoken Trump supporter.

Trump spoke for about 11 minutes via a phone held by his lawyer Jenna Ellis and reiterated that the election was “rigged” in Biden’s favor.

“These elections need to be reviewed,” he said.

In response, Biden’s adviser Keith Bedingfield told reporters: “The elections are over. Everyone agreed with the results, except for President Trump and [его адвоката] Rudy Giuliani “.

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